visual novel


This game is an upgraded version of this preceding"Re:Maid" hentai visual publication. As writer says to see all of the texts and conversation lines in the game you will need more than 7 hours! But ofcourse the single play-through will require way more briefer period of your own time. Particularly in the event you've played once and want to match it by making the otehr choices when possible. The game takes place in contemporary days. Main hero is performing all the typical tasks like going to the college or shopping. Ofocurse this regular routine will be disturbed more and more with all the different femmes our hero will meet his way. Interesting enough that about some of them he will dream while masturbating... but in the event that you are going to make the proper decisions these wishes might come to be rather real!

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Living with Lana

Here is fresh interactive romance from"Lession of fire" studio - tonight will learn how it would be to live with Lana. Lana and Douglas fulfill for the very first time at the university. Lana was a student (who looks extra hot inside her uniform by the way) while Doug was just passing by . They begin to date each other. What happened next and what they both got in the end of this story you will need to discover yourself by playing the game. Which is made less simple book but as a mix fgenres. You may play point and click, participate in conversations, increase your character's stats and also try to earn some cash. Ofcourse there'll be several erotic scenes - but only in the event that you will not be making too ppor options throughout the match. There will be few achievements and to unlock them all you might need over one walkthrough.

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No Party

It is the eve of a new year and no one showed up in your party. So you're all alone. But all the sudden someone knocks at your door. Maybe just a little luck for you, too?

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