strip the girl

PokerPool 4

A very interesting flash game which combines the game of poker and billiards. Allow me to remind you of these rules. A characteristic feature of all billiard games is the movement of testicles on the surface, by transferring acceleration to them through a directing stroke in the longitudinal direction of its rod. And poker is a card game whose goal is to win bets by collecting the greatest possible poker arm. Harness the testicles onto the ball-sac to get a blend of cards. You will see how your opponent - a beautiful and buxomy doll will undress. You ought to see her totally naked. To do this, continue to play and win. Do it.

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Strip Quiz 4 Sexy Blond Beauty

Do you need to undress this hot beauty? Do not rush, not so easy! Prove to her that you're the intelligent and most worthy candidate because of her heart! A hot blonde will ask you questions, and also for every query you'll be given 3 options for a response. You have to answer correctly to all queries from the first effort to win. In the event you make a mistake, then the game will begin from the very start. Within this small quiz you need to answer a few unforeseen questions from a wide range of aspects of knowledge, and for each suitable answer the alluring blonde will slowly undress. Answer all questions correctly so as to have this slut! To achieve this you have to strain your mind and recall something about the sea celebrities, the rules of dice, and even about Leonardo da Vinci! And obviously,all this you have to do under the songs Bon Jovi! Appreciate yourseif and undress this woman!

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