Dangers of Smurfberrywine

If you thought being a single damsel from the village will offer Smurfette with a great deal of sex then... you were perfect! Well the founder of the game is totally agrees with you in this particular point. The game contains some kind of introduction story that's is brief may be turned into"Smurfette finds bottle of wine - based Smurfette gets drunk - Smurfette has fucked (a lot)". The animation is pretty simple and there are only two positions that you can switch inbetween but the main idea of the game is that every person can fuck! Click on the big crimson arrows and see who will fuck Smurfette next! If you think that there will be only her friends smurfs having fun then you simply have not checked the record yet! And more jokey and sexy games with your dearest characters you can always find on our site!

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