Spring Desires

All animals get mad during spring period. Everybody would like to fuck a person :-RRB- This brief quiz will lead you the way to do it correctly and find a perfect partner for you. Following this test you'll find a little bonus.

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Franks adventure 2

In this game you will be enjoying as Frank. His chief has big biz plans for new erotic magazine and Frank is going to get quite signifact part in all that - he will have to provide it with hot photos of all kind sof big-chested ladie she could get! Start exploring this great city and so waste no time and attempt to find all the damsels ready and willing to flash their big boosb to the entire country or may be even teh entire world! Ofcourse to obtain their pictures you will have to offer them something in come back by doing their intimate quests. Use arrow keyes to move around town, remeber that if there is a door in the construction then most likely you could enter it and most likely the most significant information - don't get struck by a camper... too often!

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iFuck Game 3

This game is a series of puzzles. Every time you'll address the puzzle you'll get acces to new anime porn movie. But the puzzles are no made as hentai animation - they use some brief scenes with real models that are sensual. And yes, each of the pieces will be animated by itself that attracts some additional challenge to the game. To compensate that you will also get some sort of help - when you will put the puzzle pice on its proper place it will become inactive so ou will know you have placed it correctly. Also don't forget that some pices are turned so double click on them to turn them again and again until you will find the proper position for them. That's indeed all that you will need to learn about this game. Puzzles, love erotic scenes, love hentai pictures!

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