Fuck Town: Great Job

You have tried a lot of different jobs in Fuck Town? Probably you will find an reaction in this game. Game commences with an incredible luck - you seem to fit the needs to get it and at some company a vacancy is of a high ranking. The only thing left to do is to pass an interview with director. And scarcely you will be surprised that this deputy director is actually pretty hot woman with huge tits... only do not forget why you are here at the first-ever place and wait for a good minute before it's possible to entice this ultra-cutie and fuck her. Try to choose those options through the dialogs that she'd love to hear and people which you would like to state - just like during any real job conversation - and you will get what you have come here for!

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FuckTown: Banking Secrecy

There is a hot looking blonde woman lives . Her name is Emily and she's currently working in the offic eof bank. She's prooved herself being a very responcible emlployee which has given some of career development to her. But now is going to be a real test because of her skills when she might have to work with Mr. Morrison. He is among the clinets of the bank but today he is here to take all of his currency and to close all of his accounts. Today it is up To Emily to do everything she can to keep such an important client. How is she ging to do that? Well, thsi is something you will find out if you will playe the game! There are a lot of other games in this series s if you will like this one then don't leave behind to check our site for more joy and sexy entertainment.

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