Hentai Math 8

Attempt to address Hentai images that are nice to be seen by all mathematics equations as a reward. Each job has time limitation.

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Math Quiz with Sapphire Blue

It is the right time to use your own mathematic abilities to solve mathematics tests... and undress this sexy blonde! Meet Blue Sapphire. She enjoys wise guys. And over clever guys she love sonly undressing to them. And if the fellow can solve her mathematics quiz tests fast enough it will drive her nuts! Each time you wil give the right answer you'll see her taking off one of her clothing components or becoming more sexy position so that you might have a better view of her fine assets. Nevertheless, the real prize you will get only in case you will give 16 correct answers before the period (restricted by 60 minutes) will run out - in this situation you will not just have the chance to verify her striptease photoset with rushing but will also unlock her hot bonus vid! Time to showcase some sexy for wise!

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Hentai Math 2

In this interesting flash game you have to showcase everybody how quick you can perform mathematical exercises in your mind. And just how rapid your response is. Look at the game display. You see a huge-titted lady in the background. Her tits draw your attention. But do not be dispersed from the main mission. Equations will emerge on the screen. You must perform the essential calculations and give an response. To do this, click the circle and come in the answer in the numeric keypad. If you entered the right answer then the game goes to another level. Use a calculator to do maths quicker. Start playing at this time.

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