lesson of passion

Kelly in Velvet Bar

If you're following games out of"Lesson of Passion" series then you might remeber Kelly - this hot blonde chick was already starring in among sequences before. But tonight she is ready for fresh titillating escapade and if you are willing to join her then get to the Velvet Bar as briefly as possible because she is waiting for you there. Gameplay here is composed of 2 components. In certain scenes you'll be taking part in dialogs rather than just listening but also choosing the answers. Since these answers are fairly different depending on what you will select some events will or will not happen. And these events will be the othe rpart of gameplays which is actually a set of elementary minigames which will permit you to feel yoruself closer to the characters that will be having fuck-fest.

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Call Me Desperate

Where there are cash there'll be problems. But there will be a lot of hookup! "Call me desperate" - fresh game from"Lession of Fireplace" studio for everybody who enjoys not just boobs but also stories driven by player's choices. That means you will be playing as Aiden. He is a photographer but also he is a gambler. And lately he was not very lucky at the poker table and now he is loaned quite a sum of cash. And he must return them all really shortly. But where's he gonna get them? Looks like he will need to use his camera more frequently. Just go to an appointment with one of your clients and attempt to convince her in using a photosession (could be even erotic photosession!) . But don't forget that a few poor options will give you nothing in any way! Game has a system of achievements so that you may want to replay the game to unlock them all.

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