Orga Fighter

This game is a preview and it will smad ein japanese terminology but if you've played these games as"Shinobi Girl" then you'll understand what to do fairly fast. This time you will take manage over uber-cute looking pupil. And since is it alway shappen from anime porn games that this damsel is going to have indeed big tits and really short micro-skirt. The only issue is that rather than boys that this will attract hordes of angry robots! So getting through each of your enemies into a exit from the level is going to be your number one purpose. The number two and three goals are going to be to keep the chick dressed and not to permit the robots that are hostile to fuck her until death. Yeah, this game won't be an effortless walk but if you want some challenge even when it comes to anime porn then probably you're going to enjoy this game a whole lot.

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