Strip Blackjack with Danielle

Danielle loves two items - playing blackjack and undressing down. Well thre things - the third one is to combine the other two together! And you are welcomed to combine with her tonight! As for the gameplay it is old-school version of digital blackjack which you have most likely played before. A wager is made by you and receive your cards. After that you can get additional card or stay with what you have in your forearm in order to get to sum of twenty-one points as close as possible. But do not get more because it is going to indicate an instant liberate... just as getting exatly twenty one points may mean an instant win. In all instances wins teh playe rwith longer points. And for teh rewards - every time you will not only double the bet and get more cash so you could proceed to play but also each fresh win will unlock more and more sexy photos from Danille's striptease photoset!

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