Guess Next With Catie

Cuet appearing eroti Catie has already made an apperances in other games but this girl is ready to have more joy with you. And if you don't mind as well then buy reday to play another game - tonight you'll be playing"Guess Next"! The rules for this game are very simple - from a standard deck of 52 cards you will have to guess which card will be following and you'll be getting one by a card. Ofocurse you don't need to guss teh card exactly but only the higher or lower its value will be. Each time you may guess right you'll get some points... and unlock more an dmore sexy photographs from Catie's striptease photoset ofcourse! So attempt to fcous on the game because the more succesfull you will be the Catie will end up. And also getting the greater score is also can be considered as additional challenge.

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