Brothel Empire

You don't have to be a genius to find the main idea of this game - here you ar egoing to build your own Brothel Empire! But to do it you will have to use your brains from time to time because even tho' it is a game with manga porn content it is also has a lot of other gameplay elements. For example here you will hav eto complete certain mission and choose improtant decisions that might affect directly on how soon your puny brothel empire will become fine one. Explore in-game globe and discover methods to make you brothel to function better, get finer damsels and finer gear so your managment plans will come to life in the greatest possible manners... just do not concentrate on those things just because funny cartoon hump remains the main reason people play these games!

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Flash RPG game that provides you superb opportunities for customization of your main protagonist. You're able to customize his appearance, select skill points, as well as many other useful things. So as soon as a hero is created by you, your experiences begin. The protagonist name is Caleb. He has charisma and some powers. He calls for a red-haired and busty woman. Her name is Alice. Definitely your duty is to assist Caleb have hookup with big-chested Alice. To try it, you have to pick the correct dialog options as well as interact with game objects. To try it, use this mouse. Begin your adventure right now.

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