Nurse Blue Notch One

Interactive hentai story about a young dude who had an accident and ended up at a city hospital. He opens his eyes and finds a young and huge-chested nurse. Even the dude is certainly in agony following the accident and the nurse should help him. She lies down on his hospital sofa and commences to smooch the dude on lips. Dude massages her big globes thru her uniform and then takes her off the gal. Mm . . Appetizing watermelons fall out from under the medical uniform. The nymph embarks to suck dude his cock and play with big nutsack. Afterward the lady gets on a dick and leaps like a cheap pornstar. Her big boobs are pouncing up and down. The damsel groans with delight. She's pleased to please the patient. Following a duo of mins, the damsel reaches orgasm. Find out what's going to happen next right.

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