Sexy Witch 6: Pinecones For Zhanna

Sexy witches and bewitching bitches are back and you're welcomed to fulfill all of them from this fresh epsiode of their fun and by all means exciting game collection! This scene goes by numebr 6 and it is called"Pinecones For Zhanna" (and when this doesn't ring any bells then most likely you have not played some of the former gigs that's actually fairly recommended to do prior to kicking off this one). Once more the world is at risk and the especially made magical potion could save the day. However, as it always happens with these powerful potion it will demand quite special elements and obtaining them is what you're about to perform in this game. Ofcourse nobody stated that all the components will be gathered by the tricky work just - a number of them will be given to you with certain joys!

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