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This game will take you to a distant galaxy in which there are galactic wars for control over the planet in. You are a supreme dynasty and you want to end the war and take the planet beneath your control. The game offers you character customization and also non-linear plot. You'll need to learn more about twist intrigues the entire world and gossip to gain the trust of the Freemen - the local population. Naturally, you can have bang-out with any gal because you are a prince. Also for lovers of fucky-fucky you can fuck an alien whore in a galactic brothel. Can the character of this game conquer the planet? If you help him do it, then victory is guaranteed. Let's go in search of adventure right now.
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Pussymons come in Episode 35 - The island of these Blooming flowers. This is going to be an sequence smaller than usual but only because author determined to focus on content for the next vignette yet still you will find a lot of interesting additions in this one too. Group and our hero of his teammates are still exploring the seas even tho some members of this pussymon hunters party are beginning to ask questions about true reasons which made their adventures in the sea to last longer than planned. So now you will have to pursue them that this is not for nothing an dproove it by catching new pussymons for your collection and perfomring a series of very importants quests while still doing this. New characters, new animations and couple hundreds of fresh text lines for quests - you have a lot of action to do!
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